Privacy Policy at Rome Casino for Players Piece of Mind

Privacy is paramount for any online interactions and here at Rome Casino, customer privacy and account security is our primary concern. We keep our patrons and players constantly appraised of the privacy policy at Rome and any changes that we may need to make to it. If changes are made, all current players are informed immediately by email. Any information that we collect from you is used only to manage your personal account, facilitate exchange of funds, and enhance your overall gaming experience. None of your personal information will ever be traded, rented, or sold to third parties. The only information that is provided to any third party organizations is simply to consolidate facts about our website traffic and demographic and none of this information contains any personal details about our players.

We do, periodically, send emails to the address associated with your account according to the Privacy Policy at Rome Casino. You are more than welcome to opt out of any and all communication from our partners, as well as promotional communications from us. All you need to do is send an email to our support staff to remove yourself from these mailing lists. If you opt out, the only emails you will continue to receive are ones that inform you of anything directly affecting your account, such as deposits and withdraws, account information changes, or winnings.

All information about your winnings and any exchange of funds are kept strictly confidential. This information is never released to anyone but you, the account holder, unless required by law or government regulation. You will be informed immediately if any such requests are made of your account. Privacy for players is the most important thing to us here at Rome Casino. We cannot build a relationship with you as a customer and valued player, without a modicum of trust. In order to foster that trust, Rome Casino will strive to always put our customers first and foremost. If you have any questions about the privacy policy, our practices, or even just about one of our games, feel free to send our support staff an email. There is always someone waiting to respond to your message and everyone here at Rome is happy to help you with any questions you may have.


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