An Old Game Learns a New Trick: Casino War Rules

If you enjoy reimagined versions of your favorite childhood games, we have a treat for you. War is usually thought of as a simple children's pastime, but here at Rome Casino, we have given it an exciting twist for the gambling aficionado. Adding the thrill of gambling and the convenience of the internet brings a whole new level of fun to an old classic and people all over the world are finding great enjoyment in revisiting their childhood favorite. How can gambling be incorporated into this classic? Is it still fun on the computer? Keep reading to find out a little more and learn about our official Casino War rules and features.

The basic Casino War rules are quite simple. To begin a "battle", the deck of cards gets evenly split between two people, and these people simultaneously reveal one card at a time off the tops of their piles. The one who reveals the highest card gets to add both of the ones that were revealed to their own stack. In the event that two are of the same value, there will then be a "War". Both participants turn over three from the tops of their stacks into a pot and then reveal another. The player with the highest one gets to take all eight cards. If there is another tie, this step will be repeated. The first player to completely exhaust his or her pile is the loser.

At our online casino, you will find that the animated Internet version is played very similarly to the original, only the cards appear on your computer or mobile device screen and there is the added adult element of gambling. The cards come with standard Aces high ranking and there is a 50/50 chance to win between the player and our casino. In the case of a tie, the player can either surrender and lose half his or her bet, or go to war, doubling his or her bet. In the case of a tie during a war, there is even an opportunity for a bonus payout. Although there is little strategy involved, our gambling twist on this classic always keeps it interesting!


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